Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I dream of Lindsey

This was a piece that I did for the Tata galla show in sarasota. The show was a great turn out and there were some amazing pieces. And of course it was for a good cause. This is the second show they have had, and I hope digital 3 and Eric Jones keep this thing going. Cause we have to save the Tata's.
This is the third piece I have done, where I am just playing around with the "True fire" thing. Really, I'm just playing with form and experimenting with the candy colors and layering. I'm going to do a few more, and just get it out of my system. I was also inspired by Norman Lindsey's etchings. His gestures, comps, and lighting are pretty cool.


mclean said...

man, way to pull off the form vs transparency, i bet thats tricky as all get-out. Looks like you've been up to some fun stuff!

Raven Herrera said...

man, this is crazy beautiful!!

Pedro Garcia Millan said...


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