Friday, July 25, 2008

Spider man Bike

I just finished this tank for Cruizin Eagle in St. Pete. I had to fix some mistakes that i had made previously, and then hand it off to Big Daddy John to clear coat it. I think it came out pretty nice.
Im glad its done and cant wait to see what it looks like on the bike. I didnt paint the spider man suit underneath the venom piece. The only thing i did paint was the spider man breaking out of the venom costume along with some of the black symbiote crawling to the front.

Arty Joes Tattoo Shop

This was a fun job. I got to hang out at a tattoo shop and just airbrush. The owner wanted something based on the ark of the covenent. So frome there he gave me pretty much free reign.
I still have alot more to do, and well see how it comes out.