Sunday, June 15, 2008

Society of Illustrators, Tick Tock

I some how managed to get this piece in to the show. There was a lot of good work, and I am thankful just to get the inside cover of the student scholarship book. When i first came up with this i had no idea what the hell it was going to be called. All i knew was that i wanted to draw a giant crocodile eating a ship, which in itself sounds cool. So i didn't even mean to base it off Peter Pan, but it makes sense and fits with the piece. Funny how things work out.

Invisible man, The Godzilla's

This is the rest of my thesis that were all digital works. I really enjoyed working on the Godzilla pieces, cause it was just great to be doing something that I love since I was a kid. It took me a while to come up with something for the invisible man. I had no idea how the hell i was going to go about him. So i had to try and find a way to describe him, but also show who he is.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankestein, Dracula

These were some of the biggest pieces I had in my thesis. I think that Dracula took me the longest. I was trying so hard to make this great montage of sex and blood, when i should have just been focusing on the simple aspects of his character. Frankenstein took the longest
to complete through the painting process. There is probably 25hrs of work on just painting him, because i messed up a few times and could not decide on what media to stick with. I also used Dorlands wax to build of texture in the shoulder and other parts. The Jekyll and Hyde piece took a little time just for the fact that it was 48x48, but the bigger i work the better i can get in there with the airbrush and get some organic looking shapes, and whats also good about working big is that I can airbrush come back in with some light acrylic brush work and slowly bring back form. I usually lay down a color and then spray its compliment and then i get some nice natural value changes that doesn't look airbrushy, and then i add some brush texture and work back into it with the brush and airbrush.