Thursday, July 22, 2010

Way to long

It has been a long time since my last post. Hope you guys dont think im dead. But I have been staying busy. I have moved to the grand old town of Sarasota, and am still doing tattoos at the Fat ink shop in the Sarasota square mall. Its been interesting to come back to my old stomping ground. Ive been jumping back in forth with more canvas work then actual custom paint work. The joy of painting is definitely coming back. Taking what ive learned from tattooing and seeing different styles has kinda pushed me to focus more on my drawing, and translating that to larger scale paintings has really taught me a lot about making an interesting piece. Theres a book out called Reinventing The Tattoo by: Guy Aitchison, and reading through it I started having Vietnam flash backs of the academy about composition, color, and etc. Saying this, Guy's book is a must have, and i would tell the Illustration crew, if you see this book, don't hesitate to take a glance at. Its almost like a refresher course. Anyways here is some new stuff ive been working on. Ive got prints for sale. And if your in the mall, stop by.